MIND OVER MATTER - ZINC contemporary - Paintings - Gina Occhiogrosso


Gina Occhiogrosso
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44 x 34"

acrylic, ink, textile paint, spray paint on pieced and sewn muslin


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"Mind Over Matter is a phrase my mother has frequently used when attempting to assuage my anxieties about a problem. Since the pandemic began, and through the social and political unrest, I have been trying to understand how people can just go about their lives. I have such respect and admiration for first responders, parents, and others who have a positive outlook and who are willing to move forward. Maybe it is all just “mind over matter,” that wins the day. For me, I will channel all of this energy. In this painting I was thinking about how the world appears to be spinning out of control. I see it, I fear it. I go on and face it and wonder what I can do. I reference things being tethered or being restricted, I reference the horizon, as though these things are suspended somewhere. It is an image of fragility and of fierceness." - Gina Occhiogrosso

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