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Jamie Joseph Smooth Dendritic Opal Power Ring

Jamie Joseph
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This one of a kind stone was handpicked, cut, and created in Seattle at Jamie Joseph Studios.

The energy of Dendritic Opal helps with one’s growth, both within the physical body and with one’s “spiritual growth”. It allows one’s to be able to be consciously aware of the nature of life’s experience, giving one clarity into one’s actions and bringing balance and harmony into one’s life. This form of Opal supports one’s intent and helps one to organize one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, so that one becomes discerning and is able to be accepting of others. This in turn helps one become non-judgmental, just acknowledging others for who they are, an important lesson for one’s growth.

  • Vertical pear smooth dendric opal and three diamonds 

  • Sterling silver and 14k gold ring 

  • Custom sizing available 

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